Hive Record Sheets

Our Apiary Hive Record Cards (front and back) Hive-record-front and Hive-record-back

Top tip – – If you print on 160 gram card – it will better last the season and it will go through your printer.

Chemical/Medical Hive Treatments

Honey bees are classed as a food producing animal and therefore beekeepers must comply with the Veterinary Medicines Regulations. Generic substances such as Oxalic acid or self-made thymol solutions should not be used and beekeepers are liable for prosecution if traces are found during routine honey sampling. It is important to note that some products available on beekeeping manufacturers’ websites are not registered medicinal products and although available, should not be administered to a colony

Veterinary Medicines Directorate list of the Authorised medicines (as of December 2021) can be found here

Beekeepers must keep documentation containing details of veterinary medicinal products administered in colonies for at least five years.     To log your treatments use this Record Card

Asian Hornet Monitoring Trap

Instructions on how to make your own Asian Hornet Monitoring Trap

Important – if you do set up a trap – Please make sure you monitor it on a regular basis otherwise you wont know if you have a hornet and please release any beneficial insects caught in it

Bailey Comb Change

Instructions on how to refresh your old comb using the Bailey Comb Change