The Herefordshire Beekeepers Association was founded in 1882. One of the founding members was Alfred Watkins, probably best known for his theories and many books written on Ley Lines. However, he was also an eminent photographer and a keen beekeeper, combining both to produce some wonderful photographs of bees and beekeeping around the beginning of the last century.

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the Association attempted to popularise and teach good and efficient beekeeping. This was achieved by means of a horse-drawn Bee Van, part funded by Herefordshire County Council, which toured the villages giving demonstrations and magic lantern lectures.

We are still educating beekeepers, but no longer with the help of a horse. We have three local groups (Local Activity Networks, or LANs) throughout the County which give practical help and advice; we normally run a Beginners’ Course each year, and hold an annual Honey Show where the public can admire our produce and ask questions. The first recorded Honey Show was held in the Hereford Butter Market in 1910.