Local Activity Networks

Local Activity Networks – We have three local groups, covering North, South and East Herefordshire.

If you want to learn about bees, this is the best way. LAN groups meet monthly (or thereabouts) during the active beekeeping season, at a member’s apiary. Each group has an expert tutor, who answers questions patiently and helps us to organise our hives (we do our best, but bees do not read the same books!)

LAN membership is free for Association members so if you want to have a taste of beekeeping before taking the plunge and getting your own, do come along. We have spare bee-proof clothing you can borrow so that you can look into a hive without fear of being stung. You might even see the queen. We finish up with a cup of coffee and an informal question-time. Most of us are relative beginners, so it is an ideal time to ask questions without feeling intimidated.


Local Activity Network (LAN) Coordinators & Advisors

For details of individual LAN meeting dates and locations, contact the Local Coordinators below.





North Herefordshire

Mary Walter


Len Dixon (advisor)

01568 614577


01544 230884

South Herefordshire



Colin Pavey (advisor)


01989 740249

South Herefordshire (West)



Colin Pavey (advisor)


01989 740249

East Herefordshire


Chris Stowell    (co-ordinator)

Dave Sutton (advisor)

01886 821079


01885 482673

East Herefordshire (Burley Gate)

Marlene Hewitt (co-ordinator)

Dave Sutton (advisor)

01432 820282


01885 482673

Members may approach any LAN they wish. Any advice or assistance is provided at an advisor’s discretion.


Regional Bee Inspector: Joanna Schup
Tel No: 07979 119368
Mobile No: 07979 119368

Remember, both foul broods are Notifiable Diseases. If found or even suspected, contact Joanna Schup immediately. Nosema and Acarine diagnosis – contact Len Dixon

Click here to download the LAN pamphlet as a PDF.