South events


Holme Lacey Apiary (unless otherwise specified)


All members of the HBKA are welcome to attend these events

For further information email Val Lilwall on   south@herefordshirebeekeepers.org.uk

As from 3rd April the Holme Lacey Apiary will be open to ALL members on Tuesday Evenings

Events marked in green are the scheduled South LAN meetings (all welcome)

Events marked in orange are the weekly maintenance sessions. Any help is welcomed in these sessions but would be particulary useful to beginners/novices


          DATE                     TIME                                       EVENT



21st March



Red Lion Peterstow

Pre- season meeting, social, discuss programme.

Q & A session. Planning your season

3rd April 6.30pm apiary management meeting
10th April 6.30pm Assess Colonies, change floors. The 5 inspection points.  Queen Marking
17th April 6.30pm apiary management meeting
24th April 6.30pm Swarm Control, with bees.  Drone brood frame varroa control
1st May 6.30pm apiary management meeting
8th May 6:30pm Comb change, supering; checking for queen cells
15th May  6.30pm apiary management meeting
22nd May 6.30pm Spring Forage – Nectar Honey Propolis. OSR extracting problems.  Drone brood uncapping – varroa (CP)
29th May 6:30pm apiary management meeting
5th June 6.30pm apiary management meeting
12th June 6.30pm Stores checks, check for eggs  (new queens post swarming), clearing supers
19th June 6:30pm apiary management meeting
26th June 6:30pm Disease inspection – Foul brood recognition. Test kits
3rd July 6:30pm apiary management meeting
10th July 6:30pm Varroa life cycle
17th July 6:30pm apiary management meeting
24thJuly 6:30pm Mock BBKA Basic Assessment
31st July 6:30pm apiary management meeting
7th August 6:30pm apiary management meeting
14th August 6:30pm Varroa – veterinary approved treatments
21st August 6:30pm


apiary management meeting


28th August 6:30pm Feeding for winter