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To join the Association you will need to agree to the Menbership Ts&Cs.

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Membership is open to anyone interested in bees or beekeeping, whether or not they keep bees.
There are three basic classes of membership, Full Member; Partner Member and Associate Member:

  • Full Membership: Includes BBKA capitation fee of £19 which covers: affiliation to BBKA; BBKA monthly magazine; third party insurance for your beekeeping activities; eligibility to participate in BBKA education and certified examination programme; eligibility to be a voting Delegate at Annual Delegates meeting if so nominated by your Association; eligibility to stand for election to Executive Council if nominated by at least one Association.
  • Partner Membership: includes BBKA capitation fee of £12.50 which covers all entitlements afforded to Full Members, with the exception of a separate copy of the BBKA newsletter. Intended for those residing at the same address as a Full Member.
  • Associate membership (no BBKA capitation fee) is for members who are not yet beekeepers, retired beekeepers, or who are full members of a neighbouring association

Note that affiliation entitlements (including insurance) commence only on notification of your membership payment to the BBKA Membership Secretary by the Membership Secretary of HBKA.

Associate members may upgrade to Full membership at anytime by paying the difference in subscription.

There is also a Junior Membership Class (under 18 years) which is free.

You may also want to participate in our LANs where local groups of Beekeepers meet regularly and visit each others colonies to improve their beekeeping skills with expert tuition and support.


Full Membership of Herefordshire Beekeepers’ Association brings the following benefits:
Technical Support:
Lectures and Meetings/workshops on beekeeping and harvesting of hive products.
Local Activity Groups (LANs) providing support and expert guidance.
HBKA monthly newsletter. Membership of BBKA. BBKA newsletter (monthly).
DEFRA guidance leaflets. 10% discount on “Beecraft” magazine for 12 copies delivered (optional). Updates on research into bee health and good beekeeping practices and methods. HBKA affiliation to: The British Beekeepers’ Association, The National Honey Show and the Midlands & South Western Counties Convention (MSWCC) of beekeepers.
Notes: 1. Associate membership does not include membership of the BBKA or
Bee Disease Insurance (BDI). 2. Full Membership is required if you keep bees.
Insurance Protection (BDI):
This includes third party public liability insurance in the BBKA Scheme with £5 million cover for accidents involving your bees. It is a condition of our affiliation to BBKA that all full members of the association have this insurance cover.
Bee Diseases Insurance through BDI also gives protection against destruction of your colonies and equipment as a result of Foul Brood.
What does it cost?
See below for details.
Insurance for up to 3 colonies is already included in the full membership fee.
For insurance purposes, junior members with bees must be enrolled in the parent or
guardian’s name but have full benefits of membership at a reduced subscription.
Extra costs of BDI for additional Colonies:
Basic cover for three (3) colonies at a cost of £2.00 is included in the full subscription fee of £30.00, even if you do not keep bees. Junior members keeping bees pay for BDI cover, which is included in their reduced full membership fee of £15.
The BDI Scheme A – colony insurance rates :
Total number of colonies additional premium
Up to 3 colonies Nil
(included in membership subscription)
Up to 5 Colonies £ 2.00 Up to 10 colonies £ 5.25; Up to 15 colonies £ 7.75;  Up to 20 colonies £ 9.50;  Up to 25 colonies £11.10

Members requiring cover for more than 25 colonies should contact the Treasurer for an individual quotation.
Under the terms of this insurance all colonies should be insured and account taken of any increase in numbers during the season. For insurance purposes a colony is regarded as any hive (excluding “apidea” or similar hives) containing bees, regardless of size of the colony.