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Join as a Full Member of HBKA

Membership for 2018 is £30, plus an additional premium if you have more than 3 Colonies.
Total number of colonies premium:
Up to 3 colonies: Insurance included in membership subscription
Up to 5 Colonies:     Additional Premium is £ 2.00
Up to 10 colonies:    Additional Premium is £ 5.25
Up to 15 colonies:    Additional Premium is £ 7.75
Up to 20 colonies:   Additional Premium is £ 9.50
Up to 25 colonies:   Additional Premium is £11.10
Members requiring cover for more than 25 colonies should contact the Treasurer for an individual quotation.

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Number of Colonies

Up to 3 Colonies, Up to 5 Colonies, Up to 10 Colonies, Up to 15 Colonies, Up to 20 Colonies, Up to 25 Colonies