The Benefits of Membership

Full Membership of Herefordshire Beekeepers’ Association brings you the following benefits:

  1. Technical Support including the following:
    • Lectures, meetings and workshops on beekeeping and harvesting of hive products.
    • Local support groups with expert guidance (LANs).
    • Updates on research into bee health and good beekeeping practices and methods.
  2. HBKA monthly newsletter.
  3. Membership of BBKA with a BBKA newsletter (monthly).
  4. DEFRA guidance leaflets.
  5. Beecraft magazine at 10% discount for 12 copies delivered.

HBKA affiliation to: The British Beekeepers’ Association, The National Honey Show and the Midlands & South Western Counties Convention (MSWCC) of beekeepers.

Associate membership does not include membership of the BBKA or BDI (Insurance).

Insurance Protection: This includes third party public liability insurance in the BBKA Scheme with £5 million cover for accidents involving your bees. It is a condition of our affiliation to BBKA that all full members of the association have this insurance cover. Bee Diseases Insurance through BDI also gives protection against destruction of your colonies and equipment as a result of Foul Brood.