HBKA Membership Upgrades



Upgrade your membership of the Herefordshire Beekeepers Association – used if you acquire more colonies.

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Product Description

Upgrade your Membership of the Herefordshire Beekeepers Association if the number of colonies you have increases and if this moves you into a higher insurance bracket – see below:


What does it cost?

The full annual membership fee is for members with up to 3 Colonies.  Extra costs are detailed below for members with more than 3 Colonies.

Extra costs of BDI for additional Colonies:

  • Up to 5 Colonies £ 2.00
  • Up to 10 colonies £ 5.25
  • Up to 15 colonies £ 7.75
  • Up to 20 colonies £ 9.50
  • Up to 25 colonies £11.10

Members requiring cover for more than 25 colonies should contact the Treasurer for an individual quotation.

Under the terms of this insurance all colonies should be insured and account taken of any increase in numbers during the season. For insurance purposes a colony is regarded as any hive (excluding “apidea” or similar hives) containing bees, regardless of size of the colony

Additional Information


Up to 5 Colonies, Up to 10 colonies, Up to 15 colonies, Up to 20 colonies, Up to 25 colonies