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Asian Hornet in Gloucestershire

An update from The National Bee Unit

asian-hornetFollowing the finding of Asian hornets in Gloucestershire recently the  The National Bee Unit have received a large number of suspect Asian hornet reports from members of the public and beekeepers which we are following up. Bee inspectors have now visited over 100 sites. Asian hornets have been seen at just six locations within 500 meters of the original site.

Efforts to track down the nest and destroy it are ongoing. There have been no other substantiated reports of hornets anywhere else in the UK so please be patient while we continue our field work and be assured that when appropriate, national alerts will be sent out via our email alert system. In the meantime, our news feed on BeeBase will be used to keep everyone updated.

Please also see the updated ID sheet to help you Identify Vespa velutina in your apiaries.  At this time of the year, the best bait to use in traps is fish bait diluted to 25%

Please continue to monitor your own apiaries using hornet traps and encourage those whom you know are not registered on our database to sign up here….

HBKA Newsletter for October 2016

Something for everyone this month – Asian Hornets, Festival of Bees & Honey and other event reports, coming soons, change of charitable status (Committee Corner – you absolutely must read this), a fascinating piece about pheromones, Bob’s bit, some adverts – and some rather depressing but not unexpected stop press news too.


HBKA Newsletter for September 2016

This month’s Buzzword starts off with our forthcoming Festival of Bees & Honey and then goes on to cover LAN reports, honey harvesting workshops, internet trawling and the merits of (accidental) leave-alone beekeeping – a heady mix to be savoured at your leisure…

Buzzword 1609

HBKA Newsletter for July 2016

Some substantial LAN reports in this edition plus an alert from the NBU, a quick Internet trawl and news about how HBKA members can help publicise our “new look” Honey Show.

Buzzword 1607

HBKA Newsletter for June 2016

Another month has rolled by and here we are again everyone! This edition of The Buzzword includes some interesting LAN activity reports plus an article on Asteraceae by Celia Davis.

Buzzword 1606

HBKA Newsletter for May 2016

Here’s where you can find more reports from the LANs, obtain advice about allergic reactions and how best to deal with them, take a brief trip to Corfu (of Durrell Family fame) and, more sadly, read the obituary of Jim Oliver, our 2015-16 President.

Buzzword 1605

HBKA Newsletter for April 2016

Inside this edition you can read the first LAN reports of the season, see event reports and information, discover how to prevent a colony swarming without finding the queen and get an update on pesticide problems in Herefordshire.

Buzzword 1604

HBKA Newsletter for March 2016

In this edition, you’ll find that the first HBKA meeting of 2016 has already taken place (see report on page 3) and that next up is the AGM on Tuesday 15 March at which Marin Anastasov is the guest speaker. Also inside, you can read about Mead Making, Bailey comb changing and Pesticide Problems in Herefordshire.

Buzzword 1603


Here is a summary of events and activities planned so far for 2016:

January 9th BBKA Delegates meeting Stoneleigh
February 16 th 7.30pm Evening meeting Three Counties Hotel
February 20th First aid course WRVS tbc
March 15th 7.00pm AGM Marin Anastasov – “How do bees learn?” Three Counties Hotel
Feb 25th, March 3rd, 10th, 17th Beginners Course WRVS
March 25th-28th Easter  
April 8-10th Spring Convention Harper Adams
April 16th, 30th Beginners practicals Holme Lacy
April 26th Evening meeting – Dr Phillips – “Allergic Reactions” Three Counties Hotel
May 2nd, Bank holiday  
May 7th Swarm control practical Holme Lacy
May 30th Bank holiday  
June 11th Hog roast Holme Lacy
June 17th-19th Three Counties Show Malvern
July 16th Garden party Thornbury
August 6th Herefordshire Country Fair  
September 3rd Preparing for the show tbc
September 10th Kington Show  
September 17th 18th HBKA Honey Show  
October 14th-16th MSWCC Swansea
October 20th evening meeting  
October 28th-30th National Honey Show  
November 12th MSWCC delegates’ meeting  
November 24th President’s choice evening  
February 16th Evening meeting  
March 16th AGM  
March 23rd,30th, April 6th, 13th Beginners  
April 14th-17th Easter  
May 1st Bank holiday  
May 29th Bank holiday