Library Catalogue – Paperbacks

  1. Crane, Eva (1980) A Book of Honey
  2. Davis, Celia F. (2004) The Honey Bee Inside Out
  3. Hansen, Henrik (no date) Honey Bee Brood Diseases
  4. Howes, F.N. (1979) Plants and Beekeeping – An account of those plants, wild and cultivated, of value to the honey bee, and for honey production in the British Isles.
  5. Johansson, T.S.K. and M.P. (1978) Some Important Operations in Bee Management
    Ruttner, Friedrich., Trans. Ashleigh and Eric Milner, (1988) Breeding Techniques and Selection for
    Breeding of the Honeybee
  6. Sawyer, Rex (1981) Pollen Identification for Beekeepers
  7. Shoesmith, Ron (1990) Alfred Watkins – A Herefordshire Man
  8. Snelgrove, L.E. (1946) Queen Rearing
  9. Snelgrove, L.E. (1981) Swarming – Its Control and Prevention
  10. Tabor, Steve (1987) Breeding Super Bees
  11. Vernon, Frank (1986) Teach Yourself Beekeeping